Baggage Allowance

Carry-on baggage

It is the one that the passenger carries with him/her in the cabin of the aircraft.

By always carrying it with you, you can keep an eye on it and access it at any time and you can carry with you those belongings you need during the trip and once you arrive at your destination.

Checked Baggage

It is the one for whose custody the carrier is exclusively responsible, and for which it issues a checked baggage ticket. It has two portions, the passenger's portion to claim it at the final destination and the portion that is placed in the baggage to be transported.

Baggage Allowance

Equipment Economy Class Business Class Carry-on Baggage
Airbus A-340 1 Piece of 23Kg 2 Pieces of 23Kg 1 Piece of 8Kg
Embraer E-190 1 Piece of 23Kg Not Applicable 1 Piece of 5Kg
ATR-42 1 Piece of 16Kg Not Applicable 1 Piece of 5Kg
Caravan C-208 1 Piece of 10Kg Not Applicable Not Applicable

Domestic Excess Baggage Fee

Equipment Excess Baggage Fee
Embraer E-190 1% of OW base fare + VAT
ATR-42 1% of OW base fare + VAT
Airbus A-340 1% of OW base fare + VAT
Caravan C-208 3 USD x kg (Subject to availability on day of flight)

Note 1: Domestic Additional Piece:will cost 01 USD per kg with a maximum weight allowance of 23 kg.

Note 2: Infant baggage (A-340, E-190, ATR-42):

  • Infants traveling in the arms of an adult are not entitled to carry baggage in the hold.
  • Certain infant items are accepted as carry-on baggage for infants as long as they do not exceed 10 kg and can be placed in the overhead compartments or under the seat.
  • One (1) diaper bag
  • The diaper bag may not exceed 10 kg
  • One (1) small folding infant car seat
  • Large infant carriages must be checked at the counters to be transported as baggage in the hold of the aircraft
  • Note 3: Infant Baggage (Caravan C-208):

  • One (1) diaper bag.
  • The diaper bag cannot exceed 05 kg.
  • Note 4:

  • In Caravan C-208 equipment and due to weight and balance restrictions, only two infants can be transported in the same flight or two emotional pets or one infant and one pet, for example, if the two infants are already on the flight, the pet will be confirmed on the next flight and vice versa.
  • Disabled passengers who cannot move by their own means may not be transported in Caravan C-208 equipment..

  • International Excess Baggage

    Equipment Venezuelan Excess Origin International Excess Origin Havana Excess Origin
    Airbus A-340 USD 3 per Kg USD 6 per Kg USD 4 per Kg
    Embraer E-190 USD 3 per Kg USD 6 per Kg USD 4 per Kg
    Caravan C-208 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
    ATR-42 Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable

    Note: Excess baggage on the HAV-MGA-HAV route does not apply

    International Additional Baggage

    Equipment Additional Baggage Fee
    Airbus A-340 150 USD
    Embraer E-190 100 USD
    Caravan C-208 Not Applicable
    ATR-42 Not Applicable

    Note: Domestic, international excess baggage and additional baggage fees do not include VAT.

    Special Baggage

    Domestic Fare
    (A-340, E-190, ATR-42)
    Domestic Fare
    (Caravan C-208)
    International Tariff
    Household Appliances

    Medical Equipment

    Sports Equipment

    Musical Instruments

    Musical Equipment


    Winsurfing Equipment

    Anime Surfboards

    Kitesurfing Equipment

    12" to 18" rim bike

    20" to 28" rim bike
    2 USD x kg
    3 USD x kg
    USD 150 Airbus A-340

    USD 100 Embraer E-190

    USD 100 ATR-42

    Not Applicable Caravan C-208

    Note: All passengers connecting with the routes operated by the Cessna Caravan equipment is 10 kg without exception.

    Note: The costs of national and international special baggage do not include VAT, the special baggage in the ATR-42 equipment will be accepted according to the dimensions allowed by the aircraft, passengers may carry 3 bottles of liquor purchased in the Duty Free area as carry-on baggage if more than three bottles will be handled by load.