To travel with drones in Venezuela

The Venezuelan National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) has established a new requirement for those passengers wishing to enter Venezuela with a drone:

All passengers of Venezuelan nationality, Venezuelans residing abroad or foreign citizens, must register in the system of affidavit of entry of RPA in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela through the following link. This will generate a voucher that must be presented to the airline during the check-in process at the airport of origin of their boarding with the device.
All passengers of Venezuelan nationality who have previously registered their drone must present an RPA Registration Certificate issued by the National Aeronautical Registry.
In case the passenger transporting the drone is not the owner of the drone, he/she must present the RPA Registration Certificate and an authorization containing the personal information of the owner of the drone: copy of personal identification, contact number, home address, e-mail address, date of flight and signature of the owner.
In case of transit passengers, they do not need to present these requirements; they must only submit to the respective Aviation Security controls.


- If the passenger does not present the RPA (drone) document, boarding will be denied.

- If the passenger does not inform that he/she is carrying an RPA (drone) as part of his/her baggage, the airline is not responsible for the actions taken by the authorities.