Checked Baggage

It is the one for whose custody the carrier responds exclusively, and for which, it issues a checked baggage ticket. It has two portions, that of the passenger to claim it at its final destination and the one that is placed in the luggage to be transported.

The user must not include in their checked luggage, fragile or perishable items, such as money, jewelry, precious stones or metals, silverware, negotiable documents, titles or other values; cash, passports, photographic or video cameras, camcorders, computers, calculators, glasses, or bottles with liquor, medical equipment, mobile phones, or any other valuable or fragile object, for which the air carrier is not responsible if transported under these conditions.

Valuables must be transported under declaration of declared value. If said value is accepted by the air carrier and a supplementary sum has been paid, it responds up to the limit of that value. However, in these cases, the air carrier may require the passenger additional conditions or security measures for said transport.

Baggage policies

Domestic Flights

  • 1 pieza de 23kg (equipaje facturado).
  • 1 5Kg piece (hand luggage).

  • Excess baggage charges are calculated based on 1% of the cost of the highest economy one way (OW) base fare on the route, plus VAT.

International flights.

Destination Panama.

  • 1 pieza de 23Kg (equipaje facturado).
  • 1 pieza de 5kg (equipaje de mano).

Destination Havana.

  • 2 23Kg pieces (checked baggage).
  • 1 5kg piece (hand luggage).

Rest of International Destinations.

  • 1 pieza de 23Kg (equipaje facturado).
  • 1 5kg piece (hand luggage).