Hand luggage

Hand luggage

Hand luggage is considered to be any item of personal property of the passengers or crew that is transported in the passenger cabin by agreement with the operator.

Items allowed in hand luggage.

  • Money, checks, jewelry and perfumes.

  • Ipods, ipads, MP4 and MP3 players.

  • Calculators, personal computers and tablets.

  • Personal documents.

  • Tableware, ceramics and liquor bottles.

  • Glasses or lenses.

  • Film tapes and video cassette.

  • Cell phones, chargers.

  • Compact discs, Blu-ray discs.

Remember not to include.

  • Containers containing liquid or gel must be less than 100 ml

  • Containers must be in a transparent plastic zip-lock bag.

  • Penetrating puncture items.

  • Firearms and ammunition

In no case is the airline responsible for the loss or deterioration of luggage items carried as hand items, unless these cases occur for causes evidently attributable to the Company.