Transfer of human remains

Transfer of Human Remains - Horizontal and Cremated

For those difficult moments you can count on Conviasa for the transfer of human remains, for them it is essential to comply with the following requirements:

  • Transfer Permit.

  • Death Certificate.

  • Cremation Certificate (for the transfer of ashes)

  • Identity Document of the Deceased

  • Sanitary certificate proving that the deceased did not die from an infectious disease.

  • The box containing the ashes must be protected by strong packaging, which can be cardboard or wood.

  • For the transfer of human remains only in Embraer E-190 and Airbus A-340 equipment, the requirements are the same as for cremated or cremated remains and must comply with the following measures 2 meters long x 50 meters wide x 60 meters high, per package.

  • For the transfer of cremated or cremated at the international level, they must present the documents apostilled by the consulate of the country of origin.

  • The procedure for the international transfer permit is done by the funeral home, which coordinates with the seniat, airline, national guard and cargo warehouse in domestic flights. The funeral home is also in charge of bringing the documentation which must be delivered to the reception of the national cargo warehouse.

  • For Coordination and Consultation through the Mail:   or by Phone Number 0426-518.64.60. (Maiquetía)



National Route

International Route

Equipment Ashes Horizontals Ashes Horizontals
Embraer - E190

Not Applicable

200 USD

Coordinate at the International Freight Station or Management

Coordinate at the International Freight Station or Management

Airbus - A340

Note: In the case of international stations where there is no cargo service, the passenger may transport the ashes at no additional cost as hand luggage with the proper packaging..