Transfer of human remains

Transfer of Human Remains - Horizontal and Cremated

For those difficult times, you have Conviasa for the transfer of human remains, for them it is essential to meet the following requirements:

  • Transfer permit.

  • Death certificate.

  • Cremation Certificate

  • Identity Document of the Deceased

  • Health certificate proving that the deceased did not die from an infectious contagious disease.

  • The box containing the ashes must be protected by a sturdy packaging that can be cardboard or wood.

  • For the transfer of human remains only in Embraer E-190 and Airbus A-340 equipment will be the same requirements as for cremated or cremated and comply with the following measures 2 meters long x 50 wide x 60 high, per Packaging.

  • For the transfer of cremated or cremated at the international level, they must present the documents apostilled by the consulate of the country of destination.

  • For Coordination and Consultation through the Mail: or by the Telephone Number 0212-303.31.61/0426-518.64.60. (Maiquetia)



National route

International Route

Equipment Ashes Horizontal Ashes Horizontal
Embraer - E190

50 USD

150 USD

100 USD

Coordinate at the Station or International Cargo Management

Airbus - A340